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26882_Soneva Fushi - Island
SFR 1BR Water Retreat Aerial Slide by Sa
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Cinema Paradiso at Soneva Fushi
See Food at Soneva Fushi
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23916_Flying Sauces at Soneva Fushi - Zipline Dining
23836_Flying Sauces - Zipline Dining at Soneva Fushi
26369_Soneva Soul at Soneva Fushi
26364_Soneva Soul at Soneva Fushi
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Soneva Fushi

At Soneva we offer experiences with Intelligent Luxury in mind. Intelligent Luxury is our vehicle for delivering this inspiration to our guests. The definition of luxury is something that is a rarity, and in today’s society that is peace, time and space.

Soneva Fushi is the original desert island hideaway.

63 beachfront villas, plus 8 Water Reserves ranging in size from 1 to 9 bedrooms, are hidden among dense foliage within touching distance of a pristine, UNESCO protected Biosphere Reserve. Intuitive service is provided by Mr./Ms. Friday private butlers who know what you want before you want it.


Every visit makes you feel young again. Children are well looked after at the new state-of-the-art children’s Den. Cycling round the island, never knowing when you might have to swerve to avoid bunny rabbits or lizard. Watching movies in Cinema Paradiso, counting Saturn’s rings in the Observatory. Deciding between sixty flavours of ice cream or chocolates in the "Ice Cream & Chocolate Rooms". Eleven types of pillow. Five hundred different wines.

Six different restaurants and countless destination dining options too.


If the experiences are magical, the philosophy is simple: No news, no shoes. No pretensions either. Our intention is to provide real luxury and experiences that are both rare and strike a chord in their hearts.


Soneva Fushi is committed to the Soneva Group’s SLOW LIFE philosophy: Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wellnes-Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences.  

Sometimes the more sustainable option is actually the more luxurious one

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Soneva in our blog

Founder Sonu Shivdasani on What Makes Soneva Different

Founder Sonu Shivdasani on What Makes Soneva Different