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Resplendent Ceylon - Tea Trails

The first complex of tea bungalows in the world. Ceylon Tea Trails consists of five restored colonial-era residences with period furniture, butler service and gourmet cuisine. Located at an altitude of 1250 meters, near Hatton in the center of Sri Lanka, the resort borders the World Heritage of the Highlands and offers breathtaking panoramic views of mountains and lush tea fields.


Each bungalow is unique and radiates its own exquisite ambiance, while offering guests the private home atmosphere that is the hallmark of the award winning Tea Trails experience. You can stroll through gardens enjoying the panoramic views of Ceylon tea plantations or relax in one of the bungalows.


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Resplendent Ceylon in our blog

Resplendent Journey   tea, sea   safari

Resplendent Journey tea, sea safari

Ceylon Tea Trails | Official Video
Resplendent Ceylon

Ceylon Tea Trails | Official Video

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Sweeping lawns and swimming pools. English gardens filled with roses, dew filled agapanthus and spring crocus. Tea on the lawn with Dundee cake, scones, strawberries and cream or lunch alfresco by the pool, a summerhouse to meditate in or watch the forest wagtail flit from tree to tree. Tennis, swimming, croquet and classic board games all come together for a leisurely lifestyle. Without a doubt, the best bungalows in Sri Lanka.


Tea Trails is all about the time-honoured planters’ traditions: Roaring fires and the comfort of a single malt whisky while the mists roll in or a stiff gin and tonic after a long day’s walk in the tea gardens, accompanied by the spicy flavours of Sri Lankan nibbles to stimulate the appetite.


Tea Trails has opened up a world of adventure and discovery in the Bogawantalawa Valley. The unspoiled beauty of the surrounding valleys and hills are an unparalleled biking, hiking and walking experience. 


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