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Resplendent Ceylon - Cape Weligama

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Cape Weligama has become the most celebrated beach resort of Sri Lanka, located there where the trade winds led legendary explorers such as Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta and Fa-Hsien to areas near the southern cliffs of Sri Lanka on some of the nautical trips most famous in history.


Thirty minutes east of Galle, Cape Weligama inhabits 12 meticulous acres above a promontory rising 40 meters above the Indian Ocean. With breathtaking views, the 39 guest rooms were designed by one of Asia's most celebrated architects, Lek Bunnag. The hotel offers a variety of international restaurants that capture the iconic Weligama sunsets, as does the 60-foot crescent-shaped infinity pool that seems to flow seamlessly into the shimmering sea, while timeless breezes ensure that waves unfold on the sand.

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Resplendent Ceylon in our blog

Resplendent Journey   tea, sea   safari

Resplendent Journey tea, sea safari

Cape Weligama | Official Video
Resplendent Ceylon

Cape Weligama | Official Video

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Sweeping Nestled into the natural slopes atop Weligama’s striking headland, a collection of private Suites and Villas; offering 39 bedrooms in all, create the welcoming illusion of a traditional Sri Lankan village. 

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Allow your taste buds to explore this exotic island on their own! The resort features multiple restaurants that set the bar for fine dining in Sri Lanka. 

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Postcard perfect beaches, gently breaking waves and a kaleidoscopic underwater landscape sprinkled with historic wrecks, Sri Lanka’s southern coastline does not lack for magnetic charms. 


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Where to find Cape Weligama

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