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La Dehesa de Don Pedro

Located in a meadow in Extremadura with a size of 550 acres. Surrounded by oaks, this cortijo from the 19th century has been family owned ever since its birth. Don Pedro; the head of this family, inherited the love and devotion for this lands and his dream was to be able to share this experience.

With the help from “Albalá & Arquitectos” and the interior design studio “The 2 Mercedes”, Don Pedro and his family brought this dream to life.

The "Cortijo", has been reinforced always respectfully following and staying faithful to the original design, by conserving the original elements made of wood and stone in order to preserve the charm and authenticity of the original piece.

In addition to the 16 rooms, that are distributed around the mesmerizing patio with a breath taking view of the meadow and gifted with all sorts of details, comfort  and modern luxury; The "Cortijo" consists of 2 living rooms, spa, swiming pool, gym, restaurant, event marquees, winter and summer accustomed facilities and gorgeous gardens that surround the venue.

The Dehesa De Don Pedro aims to become not just a Boutique Hotel, but also a home, where the hospitality and great variety of experiences it provides, will make the stay unforgettable.

The Dehesa De Don Pedro is the place to be if you are looking for peace, authentic experiences, and a careful yet charismatic combination of contemporary and classic style.

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 Get to know about La Dehesa de Don Pedro


-La Dehesa De Don Pedro includes 16  double rooms of ecliptic style and with all the commodities.

-Several cozy living rooms that provide different areas suited for either winter or summer, outdoors swimming pool with a view of the meadow, a gym, a spa and an event venue.

-The restaurant has a variety of high quality local dishes and products.

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-Hiking routes, bikes and buggys 4x4

-Horse rides

-Ballon rides


-Yoga retreats

-Wellness experiences

-Gastronomic and ecological local product tasting, such as jamon, mushroom picking, or asparagus.

-Cultural fieldtrips like, Itálica, Jerez de los caballeros, etc…


-In addition to all the available activities that the client wishes to do as a guest in this hotel and that will be accustomed to its preferences.

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Avoiding redundancy nothing makes us happier than providing a completely personalized and unique experience, with the privacy that this venue has to offer.

This Venue presents indoor and outdoor spaces that will allow a smooth development of events such as receptions, meals, dances, and with no attendance limitations.


Download info & news on La Dehesa de Don Pedro

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Where to find La Dehesa De Don Pedro

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