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“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than in miles.” 

Be Marketing will help you creating bonds so that your trip changes you completely and helps you to see things in a different way; it will allow you to grow, rejuvenate yourself, create friendships with unforgettable people that will mark your life forever. Like we experienced with Dami, our hero/driver/guide in Sri Lanka, an already eternal friend of our family. Or Mrs Benz, the chef of Benz in Soneva Kiri who spoils you in her kitchen as if she was your mom and you were visiting after months without seeing each other. Traveling with us will give you the opportunity of enjoying Inthi's smile in the morning at that spectacular breakfasts under Soneva Fushi's palm trees. Or Javier, that Explora guide who helps you understand that you can always go further than you think. Or your last Mr. Friday in Soneva, from Kyrgyzstan, that unpronounceable place with people as charming as AsalSarath in Tamara Coorg (India), faithful friend forever; Katya, our support in Algarve when we need to breathe the Atlantic Ocean air; Souheill and Jean Paul, hosts of the exquisiteness in Marrakech; Miguel and Jorge in Dubai already part of the Be Marketing family; or Miguel Cunat, architect of unforgettable travels in Sri Lanka and Malik Fernando, second generation of tea plantation owners. We can not forget Sonu and Eva, adventurers and creators of the Sustainable and Intelligent Luxury 20 years ago. And of course Jeremy Hawkings; Scottish gentleman who teaches us to enjoy the wonders of his country while tasting a malt whiskey and while he reapeats his wonderful phrase after a great day:"My dear friend, this is another average day in Scotland".

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