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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” 

Feel the connection of nature from a 5,000 meters high summit in the Andean mountain range. There's nothing like the reward of reaching the top after 5 hours walking with your group.  Connect with 100,000 people in a Perahera (parade) at a Buddhist temple in Katagarama (Sri Lanka) when you are surprised in the middle of it. Feel the connection of street food cuisine in Thailand, served by a humble family in the middle of the street. Connect with 20 manta rays surrounding you in the Indian Ocean or with a whale shark that strikes surprisingly close by. Or simply connect with yourself by meditating in the south of India, in the middle of a unique forest that you can only access after 5 hours of driving while you enjoy beautiful places rarely visited by tourists.  Connect with your family, your partner... Find the moments of silence. We suggest you "disconnect to connect".

be world connect

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