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Koh Kood is Thailand as it was years ago. Untamed jungle, pristine beaches, fishermen going about their business.  Ancient Siam, at peace with itself.


One hour’s flight from Bangkok by private plane but oh so peaceful. It offers an unrivalled combination of luxury, environmentally friendly design and unforgettable, authentic Thai experiences.


Thirty six of the largest resort villas in the world are vast in scale. Located on the idyllic beach or sunny slopes in the rainforest, all have stunning infinity pools, impossibly chic furnishings, personal electric buggies and impeccable service courtesy of Mr./Ms. Friday private butlers.


Highlights include the open air Cinema Paradiso, Benz’ mangrove restaurant, the Chocolate and Ice cream parlour, the Observatory, The Den and the spectacular Treetop Dining Pod.

Barefoot Intelligent Luxury at its best. No news, no shoes, Thai style.


Soneva Kiri is committed to the Soneva Group’s SLOW LIFE philosophy:                           Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wellness-Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences.  

Sometimes the more sustainable option is actually the more luxurious one

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Soneva Kiri Factsheet 2020


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