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Palacio Santa Cristina

Located on the hill of a spectacular property in the heart of Extremadura, it has a huge oak woodland that has belonged to the Díaz de Bustamante family for generations. Being a guest in the Santa Cristina Palace means not only to witness and participate in more than eight centuries of family history, but also to enjoy more than 17,000 hectares of unspoiled nature.


The history of the Palace dates back to 1800, but the entire property has a family legacy that comes from the 14th century, where the Diaz de Bustamante family has always maintained the history and culture of Extremadura.


An old cloistered convent given to some nuns from Trujillo, who lived there for more than a century, the palace bears witness of that time, preserving a chapel that has been kept until today, although nowadays it is desacralized. It has been meticulously renovated over 10 years, a process during which the historical and cultural values of the estate have been respected, but at the same time it has been equipped with all the modern conveniences. 


The 11 luxurious rooms of the Santa Cristina Palace have hosted, and continue to host every year, illustrious personalities from all over the world, including several European Royal Families.


Palacio Santa Cristina does not pretend to be a hotel, but a family house, exclusive and private, a place of hospitality with a personal and familiar treatment, not in vain the family itself was in charge of the restoration and currently continues with its management as well as the activities of the Palace and its property.

Palacio Santa Cristina is the ideal place if you are looking for tranquility, privacy and exclusivity.

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Las Golondrinas de Santa Cristina (34)pu
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