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NIHI Sumba

Perched on the Edge of WildnessTM, within the quiet cove of Nihiwatu Beach, NIHI® Sumba is a secluded island resort. Our unique backdrop of varied and unspoiled, lush landscape interlaced with ancient tribal culture uniquely supports our sincere mission: A Freedom to Thrive. Be at liberty to explore, discover, grow and flourish. We prefer off-script itineraries over cookie-cutter lists. Thus, we tailor your stay to suit your bespoke desires, so your magical NIHI® experience is yours alone. We personally orchestrate everything; from surfing and deep-sea fishing, to visiting ancient megalithic sites or traditional markets in far-flung, native villages. Let us help you enjoy a homemade picnic under the cool mist of an untamed waterfall or take time to simply relax in the shade of palm trees at our unparalleled Spa SafariTM Nihioka.

Our resort property consists of 567 acres of land, of which only 65 acres are (and can ever be) developed. The rest will remain as you see it today and will be used only for farming projects and recreational use.

Extra effort has been made to train our neighbors for employment within our property, to give back to the surrounding community. We offer fair wages to all our employees, which in turn boosts the Sumbanese economy by enabling our local communities to grow, develop and flourish in a healthy and well supported fashion.

The heart and soul of NIHI® Sumba is and will always

be the beloved Sumbanese.

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Descubre más sobre NIHI Sumba en su página web...

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27 Uniquely Designed Villas with 38 rooms in a one, two, three, four, or five-bedroom layout, all with a private pool.

Where you stay on vacation is more than just a hotel room. It is an experience. A new way of living. Every detail in our rooms is designed to make you feel both at home yet completely transported.


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All dining venues offer a la carte menus and seating is at individual tables. Special events, twice weekly, are served and seated in family style tradition.

Exceptional private dining experiences and events including BBQ and romantic dining. For special occasions, themed nights are organized, for example: Sumba White Nights Party, Jungle Party or full-moon parties.


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We design every moment with authenticity and  comfort in mind to present the true soul and spirit of Sumba.

+15 Sea Activities

+9 Land Activities

+5 Equestrian Activities

+8 Cultural Activities

+3 Culinary Activities

+5 Kids Activities

+8 Wellness Activities


Descárguese información sobre NIHI Sumba

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Winter Escape
Special Offer

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Wild Wellness
NIHI Spa Safari™

Donde encontrar NIHI Sumba

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