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Lentorre Lodge

Deep in the Great Rift Valley, beyond the volcanic lunar landscape surrounding the soda lakes of Magadi and Natron, in the Olkiramatian Conservancy lies the oasis of Lentorre.


Lentorre is set on a spur running off the Nguruman Escarpment beside a natural spring in the Olkiramatian Conservancy, a community initiative developed by the local Maasai community to protect their wildlife, traditional lifestyle and heritage.Our partnership with the Olkiramatian community is strong, and with the common goal of conservation (both of wildlife and culture), we are able to work together to try and showcase what we feel is a one of a kind area, with wonderful people to boot. In its third year of operation, Lentorre put in over $ 140,000 into the community from an eco system approach. Guests can get engaged with the community directly, and also support physically or financially various projects that we have initiated such as employment and industry for ladies (markets and tsetse fly traps).

Lentorre is a family owned and operated Lodge in the heart of the Kenyan wilderness. It is owned by people who have a love for wildlife and wilderness areas who wanted to protect it, and then share it with the world. One of the key reasons it was built where it is, is the remoteness. We believe in exclusive wildlife and Safari experiences where you have access not only to an exclusive lodge, but to an exclusive area.

Nestled in this natural amphitheatre, Lentorre provides uninhibited views of Mt Shompole, Ol Donyo Gelai and the active volcano Ol Donyo Lengai. The spring behind the lodge provides a constant source of cool fresh water and sustains a grove of venerable tamarind trees where the Olkiramatian warriors traditionally met as they came of age, where elephants continue to gather to feed on ripe tamarind.

Lentorre and the Olkiramatian and Shompole ranches are very unique in that they are in one of the few areas in Africa where Wildlife and Livestock live in the same area with each other in relative harmony, each utilising the resources (grazing, river water) at different times and creating what we like to call a mini migration each day around the river. This has added a very different perspective to the traditional safari and speaks directly to the management of Human Wildlife conflict which affects all of Africa and its habitats, a story we hope to be able to share with you and your guests.

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Lentorre Lodge overview

Lentorre Lodge overview

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Comprising of six large villas of which two are family units, the lodge has a maximum capacity of just 16.

Each villa is a separate, stand- alone structure with an un-spoilt view of the wilderness looking south east towards Shompole Mountain.

Each villa has its own dedicated plunge pool, incredible power shower and some have a luxurious bathtub

A community initiative developed by the local Maasai community to protect their wildlife, traditional lifestyle and their heritage.


Activities and experiences:

 -Day and night game drives

-Guided walking

-Activities in the Ewaso Ngiro river: canoeing, fishing, tubing

-Bird watching

-Community visits

-Children´s activities

-Star gazing

-Scenic helicopter flights


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